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2017 Donations

2017 Fundraising Campaign

We're kicking off our 2017 fundraising campaign! Adopt A Sox (AAS) has been sending large care packages to Montana troops stationed overseas and gift bags to active undeployed troops during the holidays as our mission since 2010 to show our service men and women that their community appreciates their sacrifice.

With the help of around 100 volunteers, AAS sends large gift boxes to Montana military personnel deployed overseas during the holidays. For Adopt A Sox purposes, deployed is defined as a Montanan stationed overseas whose location requires a military address (APO, FPO, etc.). Each 20-pound box is filled with fun and useful items and has been enthusiastically received, based on the notes and letters of appreciation from the troops. In addition to sending large boxes overseas (costing around $50 in postage), the AAS team also recognizes and thanks those on active duty, but not deployed, who are willing to leave their families and jobs on short notice to travel wherever our country needs them. For these service women and men, a gift bag is filled with notes from the community as well as food items along with a gift certificate to a local grocery store* to help make their holiday season a little merrier.

We do need your help this year to fulfill our mission. We are asking for your tax-deductible donation** to help us with the postage for boxes sent overseas and, depending on fundraising, we're hoping to put a $100 gift certificate in each gift bag for those on active duty but not deployed. All of this is to show evidence of the appreciation of the community for our troops' sacrifices. Keep in mind that the board and the executive director are all volunteers, and that our facility and marketing support are provided pro bono. On behalf of the military personnel serving our country, thank you for considering this request.

* Pay for an E-1 recruit is $1532 per month before taxes. Although they serve 24/7/365, if they worked just a full time job at this pay rate, it would be less than $9 per hour to defend our country.

** As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your donation to Adopt A Sox is deductible to the extent allowed by law. Consult your tax advisor for details regarding your specific circumstance.

Cash4Candy from Sayre Orthodontics

Sayre Orthodontics has been a supporter of Adopt A Sox for several years with their Cash 4 Candy program. Children enjoy Halloween by going out and trick or treating. Each child brings their "loot" to Sayre Orthodontics who gives them $2 per pound of candy donated, an additional $2 per pound goes to the child's school, and all the candy is donated to Adopt A Sox. In 2016 over 700 pounds of candy was donated. Definitely a win/win for all concerned!

Sayre Orthodontics
115 W. Kagy Blvd., Suite H, Bozeman

KTVM-6 Continues as Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that NBC-Montana KTVM will continue as our sponsor in 2017. Positive television coverage is critical to any organization trying to gain exposure, and for a small nonprofit, it's effectively impossible to afford the cost. We are thankful for and honored by KTVM’s interest in becoming involved as our ongoing strategic partner to help expand the reach of our voice in the way that only television can. So watch for AAS spots on NBC!

Also, if you have the opportunity, thank KTVM-6 for their significant support of Adopt A Sox and its mission — showing the community support of our Montana troops, our hometown heroes!

Donation Locations

Donate items year round during normal business hours at Big Sky Western Bank downtown Bozeman. Donations of money can be made at any Big Sky Western bank or mailed to Adopt A Sox, P.O.Box 6113, Bozeman, MT 59771-6113.

106 E. Babcock, Bozeman
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Donate items during October only at
Black Timber Furniture

40 Spanish Peak Drive, Four Corners
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Letters & Comments

Letters and comments received from troops, their families, command staff, and supporters. Provided so you can see the sort of impact we have acting together!

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Names for Our Gift List

Various military contacts provide names and addresses of deployed Montanans. However, we do not want to miss a single Montanan away from home during the holidays, so if you have the address of any Montana service man or woman that will be deployed this holiday season, please use this form.

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