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Letters & Comments

Thank you so much for your very worthy organization!

Our son was so thankful and grateful to receive his goodie packet with the footwear and sox from Montana. He was so proud! Thank you, thank you!

May God bless you and your awesome organization!


What an amazing thing you do. This stocking was incredible. My husband received one from Fort Harrison, at his work, we were so shocked at your generosity. The gift card will enable us to have dinners for a week. The retired star is a gift that my husband treasures. There are too many vets who are alone and miserable during the holidays; you all have more of an impact than you will ever know.



Thanks for this.

My son was in the navy for 12 years. For 3 of the years that he was out to sea, he received these gifts. He got extra ones and shared with his shipmates. It is wonderful that you make this happen. He even had a buddy with no family so he was deeply touched to get one of the packages.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you.

God Bless You,


Thank you so much for sending all the goodies over Christmas! There was so much in the box you sent that I was able to share with all the people in my group — they were all grateful and asked that I say thanks for all of them! We’re so lucky to have people like yourself in this world!

Thanks again for taking the time, energy, and money to send us the care package!


Scott M.

Thank you — and your helpers — for what you do to support Montana military personnel. Even if not currently deployed, they stand ready to help when needed — and in this world situation — that is needed.

A. L. P.

Thank you to your staff and volunteers who helped sort our annual Cash 4 Candy donations! This year [2015 — Ed.] we were able to collect a total of 696 pounds! We appreciate all you do for our troops and their families.

We gave students $2 per pound of candy they brought in, and also gave their school $2 per pound. This year we were able to give over $1300 to local schools!

We had a couple of students request that Adopt-A-Sox receive their portion of cash, and we are happy to present you a check for $6!

Thank you again for your hard work; we hope to host this event again next year and donate the candy to you!


Dr. Sayre and the staff at Sayre Orthodontics

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