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Volunteer Knitters Wanted

Hand Knitted Caps

When the public thinks of Afghanistan or any of the mid-eastern countries, the common perception is that it is always quite hot. The reality is they can have 60 degree swings in a day from extreme heat to extreme cold. Among a cornucopia of useful items, we make every effort to include a hand-knit cap in each of their boxes.

If you can knit and wish to help, please contact Margie Kankrlik at
924-9512 or info@adoptasox.org for more info. If you are local to the Bozeman area and can pick it up, Adopt A Sox will supply the yarn! Unfortunately, shipping the yarn to volunteers out of the area isn't economically practical.

Is Sewing your Talent?

Included in each of our boxes is a handmade neckcooler and a handmade pillow case.  If you can sew, cut fabric, and/or iron and would like to help, please contact Margie at 924-9512 or info@adoptasox.org .

Handmade Note Cards

Local crafters make blank note cards to include in our boxes. These cards allow troops to send special greetings back home without having to go to the PX.

If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact Margie Kankrlik at 924-9512 or info@adoptasox.org.

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Letters and comments received from troops, their families, command staff, and supporters. Provided so you can see the sort of impact we have acting together!

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